decades at a glance

January 8, 2001
Pretty funny link: 100 Most Annoying Things of the Year 2000 (from X-Entertainment via dotcult)

Quote of the Moment
"What did I tell you about sharing?"
--"Grounded for Life" (Fox promo)

I read Henry Allen's What It Felt Like. It's a fairly slim volume, but I think it does a pretty decent job of capturing the mood of each decade of the 20th Century. He seems biased against the last few decades, though. Oh well. Subjectivity is the new Objectivity. (Or at least that's what it looks like to me.)

Quotes in the book:
"We must reflect that where so much strength is spent on finding a way of telling the truth the truth itself is bound to reach us in a rather exhausted and chaotic condition."
--Virginia Woolf

"That's the one the teacher's on?"
--Reagan after being informed of the explosion of the Challenger

(Hmm. Neither of those quotes seemed as good as they did in context.)

I weigh 4 1/2 pounds less than I did last Monday. Ah, the easy rewards of the first days of weight loss. If only it were all that easy.