stars upon thars

January 11, 2001
Poem of the Moment:
The world's
beauty intact, indeed
it can never be other

radiantly intact
like the stars, like the stars

when the stars have no names once again.
--Franz Wright (from 'From a Discarded Image', via The New Yorker)

Link of the Moment:
"Pardon me, Waiter, what's this blimp doing in my soup?" (via Ranjit)

Rant of the Moment:
Not the most breaking news, but man, I can't believe George W wants to push this missile defense shield thing. If and when a nuke is unleashed on USA soil, it's probably going to arrive via rental truck, not missile. I grudgingly admit Reagan spooking the USSR by talk of Star Wars may have helped bring down their already suffering economic system, but I don't think the same principle applies against China, or any other current player for that manner. It'll just encourage them to build up missiles that can get through the thing, and sour our attempts to stop arms proliferation on the international scene.

And not passing the Test Ban Treaty! Sheesh! We need to test these things? What enemy would gamble on our nukes not working at the critical moment? (Lets hope it never comes to that... I'd rather they gamble on us not willing to unleash that kind of destruction.) And then there's the little fact that almost every test of this system in development has been a big old flop... I'd rather gamble on our current nukes working than this new-fangled crap.