January 10, 2001
There's this vision of purgatory that I've had for a long time... I imagine it being set up so that all you had to do to go on to some kind of heavenly reward is a certain task, but you'd have to do it perfectly. These tasks are generally trivial but impossibly difficult. Like, reconstruct a conversation you had years and years ago one fine Tuesday morning. I'd have to start putting random words together and hoping. I wonder if eternity would be enough to do that? Kind of like one of those mathematical functions, areas under a curve... Just because it stretches to infinity, its area can be finite if it decreases quickly enough.

Quote of the Moment:
"Tom will be working something like 4 jobs in the next few months. My advice to you - don't follow your dreams. It takes up too much time and leaves you poor."
--Dylan Murray on Tom the Actor

Joke of the Moment:
Surveys indicate that people in their 40s and 50s tend to indentify strongly with president-elect Bush -- but people with higher IQs hate him.
--paraphrased from Suck.com 'Transfer of Power'