Link of the Moment
In this vast existential wasteland we all pass through, I was forced to explore what could fill the void in my soul. My friend Ranjit has revealed what could fill that void: Web Toys based on Bland Vegetables. For your viewing pleasure and mine, he has created: THE OKRALEIDOSCOPE. As he puts it, after I tell him he is not a well man:
"Hey, Louis suggested it! Of course once he did, I had to do it. [...] I haven't succeeded in getting any paid work done in weeks, but the moment I hear 'okraleidoscope' I jump in."
He requested that I link to his site moonmilk, where you can see a lot of his other creations as well.

Quote of the Moment
I wouldn't presume to know, but in this I have a hunch -- Dr. King would agree with me
NRA President Charlton Heston on Martin Luther King Jr's Views on Gun Control, receiving an award on MLKjr Day (via The Daily Show)
"So Mrs. Lincoln, Mr. Ford would like to know how you'd feel about doing an ad for his theater..." Sheesh.

Geekness of the Moment
I finally caved and got a Palm IIIc. The iPaq is nice, but has synching problems, and was a bit more expensive. I decided I needed a PDA capable of storing and viewing a decent version of this Journal, and with AvantGo, the IIIc does quite a respectable job. Changing from a private text based journal to a public HTML journal actually is a turning point in my life.

Between this new color gadget and Ranjit hooking me up with a ROM site for MAME the Arcade Emulator, I don't feel a strong need to leave the house tomorrow.