Image of the Moment

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The parking lot I use for work (a violently icy ten minute walk to the office) had the most amazing shade of blue last evening. I'm not sure if this picture does it justice or not. The orange shade on the right is from the lone streetlight there, it made a nice contrast. And that was at five pm! The days are getting longer!

Ramble of the Moment
I closed the KHftCEA (my four year old Palm quote journal) today. I'm doing pretty much everything I set out to in the KHftCEA in this journal, and then some. The thing is I have to allow this journal to be a bit more personal sometimes, not just entertainment for the masses. (Masses. Shyeah.)

That said, I called up my friend Habib's work today... I've been stopping my his house lately (it's right by the ice covered parking lot of doom) but he's never been in. I guess he's back in Morocco for a while because of a family tragedy, alas. It's interesting having a close friend of strong religious faith who isn't Christian. He's really amazed at my skepticism and confidence in ideas such as Darwinism.

Link of the Moment
The Onion is back after it's long Winter vacation! If you don't know what this site is, you're either new to the 'Net, or just a touch lame. (That's ok, I'm a touch lame as well. Only in different ways.) Arguably the funniest site on the Web. Go read The Onion!