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January 20, 2001
Bath of the Moment
Stayed home sick and angsty Friday. After at least a year of nothing but showers, I took a hot bath. Man, what a treat. Like a return to the womb or something. In a good way. And then peeking open the shower curtain, letting just a brush of the chilly air behind come in and cool me off... ahhh.

Sometime when I'm feeling mortal and scared, maybe I can relax and think 'yeah, but at least I had some nice hot baths.'

Spam of the Moment
Hooting Owl, some kind of search engine, sent me a message that said:

Congratulation someone has just performed a "web search" at the HootingOwl Search Engine using the search term
and your web site
is being displayed on the first page of search results.

Which is kind of funny, considering I don't think my site has anything to do with VBScript in any form. But ooh, wouldn't I like to put down a deposit of $100, to be doled out to them a few pennies per click at a time, to make sure my site shows up near the top more often?

Quote of the Moment
"Long run is a misleading guide to current affairs. In the long run we are all dead."
-- John Maynard Keynes, A Tract On Monetary Reform, 1923.