fireman kirk

January 25, 2001

Joke of the Moment
This one was one of my favorites from childhood. I had it memorized, and people would be impressed when I'd recite it quickly:
Why are fire engines red?

Books are read. Magazines are read, too. Two plus two is four. Four times three is twelve. Twelve inches on a ruler. Queen Elizabeth is a ruler. Queen Elizabeth is a ship at sea. Little fishes swim in sea. Little fishes have fins. Finns fought the Russians. Russians are called "Reds". Fire Engines are always rushin'. That's why fire engines are red.

Nostalgia of the Moment
Fireman Kirk That joke reminds me... I wanted to be a Fire Fighter when I was a kid, at least for a short while. (And I was curious about the difference between the term "fire man" and "fire fighter".)

At some point I wanted to be President as well. During that time, I got a letter from an Uncle who I had never talked to, and he said "So, do you want to President yet?" I was amazed! How did he know that??

I suspect W. has gone through something similar, only it lasted even longer.

Quote of the Moment
Write a wise saying and your name will live forever.