February 7, 2001
Ok, that's it, I'm not walking to work any more, at least until the weather is nice. Not enough people clear off their sidewalk of snow and ice, and I'm worried it'll give me an "excuse" to stop stairmastering. Considering one is a leisurely stroll and the other is actual exercise, that wouldn't be a great tradeoff.

The cartoon is from doodles I used to at school. It took me a while to realize I had given him the same name as Don Marquis' cockroach poet.

Link of the Moment
a short and happy life is a great semi-daily-updated website. K.Thor Jensen puts together something that's worth the daily click, pop-culture flotsam and jetsam, personal essays, multipanel cartoons he's done, music from his old two person band. One game he's developed is to masquerade as a_m_b_e_r_4_e_v_e_r, a 14 year old girl, on various chatrooms, trolling for people looking for cybersex then turning the tables on them in various ways. This one made me laugh out loud. Also, a long time ago I featured I Am The Stupidest Man Alive as the love blender feature selection.

Typo of the Moment
kirkli: good day, sinshine.
--me to Lee on AOL-IM