t.g.i.end of the friggin' week

March 2, 2001
Quote of the Moment
"How am I this morning? Frankly, Mister Never-Around, I'm as horny as the middle-school band."
senior couple drinking coffee in New Yorker cartoon, Aug 14 2000

Art of the Moment
Your missing colored flying wireframe snakes. In a box! Rotating!
Been playing with some simple 3D code. And when I say simple, I mean simple... X and Y (the plane of the screen) are handled as usual with 2D computer graphics, except the origin is in the center of the applet. Z (depth into the screen) is just a scaling factor: for things 'further' back, it becomes smaller and smaller (though always positive.) And the rotation is just a simpe sine/cosine 2D rotation applied before the final drawing. (That I bummed off of comp.algorithm.graphics.) This site will probably see a few more things based on this same engine before I get bored with it...