March 3, 2001
Man, Winter has gone on way too long. I find my self getting charged up at the site of skin-- almost any bit of bare upper arm or torso. At first I thought it was some kind of odd, visual "polymorphously perverse" thing but then I realized it was just missing seeing skin. I'll be glad when I start seeing women in tank tops again, that really marks the return of warm weather for me.

Movie Quote of the Moment
Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.
Saw that movie last night. Pretty good! I had some trouble believing some of the plot twists, but cinematically it was doing some really interesting things. But I really really like that quote. It catches so much of how I'm trying to cope with mortality. It has some kind of weird old world charm, invoking some kind of cordiality along with a general cheerfulness. I'd almost like it as my epitath.

Link of the Moment
OJR's Spike Report has some really well written story/link combos. At the moment, interesting coverage of the whole "did Shakespeare smoke marijuana" question-- was it the "noted weed" from Sonnet 76?