birthday boy

March 31, 2001
Hey... today's my birthday! 27. 9/10 of the way to 30! But this birthday is hitting me a lot less than last year's. Over the past year, I've really come to terms with what life is and isn't about, I think.

Hey-- I have the same birthday as UNIVAC! UNIVAC, the first commecial computer, is 50, and I'm 27... funny to think that I've been alive for more than half of this commercial revolution.

Politics of the Moment
"Welcome to the wonderful world of George W. Bush's brain, where it's always Casual Friday!"
The context is his decision to forgo traditional press conferences (where, as the article puts out, reports have this annoying habit of 'asking questions') in lieu of a less 'formal' way of doing things. Damn, we have not elected a smart guy. We didn't elect this guy, either, come to think of it.

He is also adding a baseball field to the white house. If I gave a dang about baseball and/or thought he was doing a halfway decent job in other respects, I'd probably say that this is pretty cool.

Post of the Moment

>please help me! where can I download 3 objects ,
>such as chairs tables,
>sofas and so on, i have tried already 3D cafe,
>anu other useful websites??
>Thank you!!

you mean like on that commercial where they get scuba fins out of their printer? that was just a special effect. So far, we can only transfer information through the net.

However, your optimism is appreciated.