your own eyes

Quote of the Moment
Robin: When you think, Batman, with those 4 supercrooks hangin' around, it's amazing somebody hasn't already reported this place to the police!
Batman: It's a low neighborhood, full of rumpots. They're used to curious sights, which they attribute to alcoholic delusions.
Robin: Gosh, drink is sure a filthy thing, isn't it? I'd rather be dead than unable to trust my own eyes!
Super mega wicked campy. At first I thought Robin's final statement was just a goofy morality line, but then I read the IMDb entry and got the joke- he says that while the dynamic duo are 'climbing' the side of a building with their typical sideways camera trick.

Office Toy of the Moment
Scorpion Woman

#1 of a series
I've collected a few too many office toys, thought I'd start making a collection of photographs as I bring them in to my new job. Scorpion Woman (from Monroe Salt Works in Arlington) sits on my monitor. She's the first toy I bring in to a new situation.