April 26, 2001
Conspiracy Theory of the Moment
"The Fifth Protocol of the Elders of Zion: Pika, Pika!"
--Salon article on the 'Jewish Pokeémon Conspiracy' quoting a Free Republic poster. There is a theory in some Arab communities that Pokeémon is Japanese for "There is no God in the universe" or "I am a Jew" (not a shortening of "Pocket Monsters") and that the whole thing is a way of corrupting Arab youth with jewish mysticism and gambling. Or something.

Office Toy of the Moment

Pin 'Art' Thing

#2 of a series
I always wanted one of these things when I was a kid, so I bought one at a Kay-Bee post-Holiday sale. I'm resisting springing for the larger version from a Natural Wonders close out.

Quote of the Moment
In short, assume that any time it appears that evolution is working in reverse, it is probably an illusion.
--Allen Barra in this Salon aricle arguing that the conventional wisdom that today's pitchers just don't have what the old guys had is dead wrong.