Art of the Moment
My online pal Ranjit has made an interesting series of photos. He took a series of winter shots on March 6th, and then recreated those same shots on May 10th. The difference is really quite striking. While your at it you should browse around his moonmilk site as well.

More Art of the Moment
Interesting piece on the Art Manifestos from earlier this century, "when art mattered enough to hate". Mostly I liked all the manifesto snippets on the first page. I've always been a big fan of Dada myself.

Heh. I just remembered one of the entries from the Second Chapter of my Palmpilot Journal that I made after seeing a biography of Man Ray:
I must become the founder of CYBERDADA, and its foremost creator. An uncorruptable art form because of the bullshit line information wants to be free- infinite copies can be made, and who but an overmoneyed idiot or iconoclast would buy a piece of it anyway?
Of course, someone beat me to it.