bird brain

Taking the garbage bin to the curb, dropped it when I heard a distinctly animal shuffling inside... bravely took off the top bag, the next box, saw a little bird looking up at me. Gently removed the larger box that was stopping it from getting the space it needed to fly and off it went, across the street and onto the telephone wire. Guess it was ok. Strikes me that birds probably don't have enough brainpower for the concept of gratitude, it probably figured it was clever enough to escape the big mammal looming over it.

In any event my karmic balance felt improved.

Quote of the Moment
Leave the cat here.
Take the whiskey along.
Reminder from Mark Twain's Slate, reported by Roy Blount, Jr.

Link of the Moment
RiksJotto II is a cheerfully insane java game. You control the crosshairs of a "semi-automatic Dragunov class sniper rifle" and your mission is to take out all the players of a soccer match... (but, the game reassures us, no one is killed, "The players are actors that are instructed to lay down when you aim at them") And you don't shoot the refs, because they're spoiling the game already.

I really like the little soccer game simulation built into this game.