pink pink pink pink pink moon

Went to my five year reunion at Tufts last night. I skipped some of the multiyear events and just went to the dinner, but I guess for the cheapskate 5 year-ers they don't go all out. It was catered by Redbones but it was in a gym. Not a great turn out. The people there seemed... I dunno, pretty much the same. We agreed that it would be better if they could find someway to have people come back based on what they studied, or what groups they were in, for a general period of time, rather than strictly by year.

Link and Ramble of the Moment
A wonderful, wonderful commercial is back on the air... here's how I described it last summer:
There's a brilliant commercial for the VW Cabrio, a convertible. 4 people are driving on a moonlit road in the country, enjoying the night air, looking up at the moon, trying to catch the magical looking pollen as it blows past, all to this wonderful mellow folksy song 'Pink Moon'. They finally arrive at the destination, a party- through the windshield you see many cars, strings of big festive lights, people talking... it seems very pleasant but the foursome look at each other and silently decide to keep driving into the night. It's a beautifully shot piece, the convertible nature of the car permitting intimate shots from many angles in the moonlight, not just the typical headon from the front view. Even though I find the decision to ditch the party unbelievable and just the wrong choice, as a whole the spot really resonates with me. I'm seriously tempted to look into one when I get my next car. (Then again I've always liked the compact boxiness of VW convertibles.)
You can see it here at VW (same link as above) or at (When I was looking for a second copy at the VW site I found this image which would have been much better for the quantum car gag I had here a few weeks ago.)

You know, one of the nice things about this quote 'blog over the Palm journal it replaced is that I can include links to the thing, as well as the images. Incidently, although some people were really happy to see Nick Drake (who did the song) get some exposure with this ad, I was a little bummed out when I saw that the lyrics didn't live up to the mood.