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June 9, 2001
Bad Web News of the Moment
Oh man oh man oh man. ("a fish, a barrel, and a smoking gun") is going away-- or at least "on vacation". These guys introduced the idea of daily web editorial to a lot of people, myself included. Hell, when they started in 1995 they practically invented that style of small little columns centered on the page that was a fad for a bit, and is still one of the most readable formats on the web. Not to mention their generally-insightful, smartassed style (with a big heap of point out sights that, well, suck) that made them famous.

Here's an Nov 1996 Wired news article on what they were trying to do. And an informative Salon article on the recent hiatus. The article mentions how Suck's parent company (man, aren't there any rich people out there with enough money to float this stuff as a perpetual pet project?) is keeping up their vaguely slashdot like community system plastic up-- they say that user-generated content is one of the more viable models on the web, which I've definately found out through the tiny portion of net fame I've grabbed with the loveblender.

Quote of the Moment
"Oh fuck. If I kill this guy, I'll have millions of nerds on my case."
--David Diamond, after taking Linux inventor Linus Torvalds boogie boarding for the first time. Diamond was coauthoring an Linus' autobiography, Just For Fun (slashdot review here). The book looks like this:
I am convinced that a few decades from now, people will look at this color choice and say "Ahh yes, the late 90s early 2000s Wired-esque color spasm". This look is to tech books in the 90s what shag and wood panelling was to recrooms in the 70s.