like a virgin

June 10, 2001
Quote of the Moment
My fourteen-year-old daughter [Laura]'s face and arms were covered in alchemical and zodiacial symbols in iridescent reds greens and blues. ... She stared at me defiantly, as if I'd somehow express disapproval. ...
Laura said, 'Did you know that Isaac Newton spent more time on alchemy then he did on the theory of gravity?'
'Yes. Did you know he died a virgin? role models are great, aren't they?'
"Silver Fire", Luminous, Greg Egan

News of the Moment
From The Telegraph, it's the UK view on US drinking age laws. Mentions that Elizabeth Dole would like to see the drinking age raised to 24. Such unbridled insanity. I still think there's something to the old saw that when we're considered old enough to fight for our country, we should be able to get a frickin' beer.