mime, terrible thing, etc

June 25, 2001
Why is it that libraries around here tend not to be open when you might actually want to go to one? It's like a crazy conspiracy on behalf of old people and kids.

Speaking of being quiet... Mimes. Why are there so many jokes about them? There are so many not terribly amusing lines about how it's ok to kill them, how annoying they are... I mean, I haven't seen one for years and years, (the last one was doing an audience warmup at Cleveland Sea World, actually was pretty good.) but the jokes go on, and on, and on. Were they that bad? Were people traumatized by being mocked by mimes?

Raunchy Quote of the Moment
"Isn't that what it's all about? The work? Creating all the things you have, the accomplishments?"
    "The career? It's good for one thing. You know what it all gets down to? What the notoriety and the fame are all about?"
    "Pussy! Fame gets you better pussy, kid!"
--Andy Kaufman and songwriter Sammy Cahn, via Bob Zmuda's Andy Kaufman Revealed: Best Friend Tells All

News Story of the Moment
So many motorists were concerned that a cow walking in knee-deep water in a flooded field was stuck that it caused a traffic jam near De Bary, FL. To get traffic moving again--and stop 911 calls to the Highway Patrol about a "drowning" cow--highway workers setup an electronic sign to flash the message "The Cow is OK" to passing cars. But two days later, the sign was still there, causing a traffic jam as motorists looked for a cow, which had long since walked away.
--From "Dumbth News" in Skeptic magazine.