June 28, 2001
Just in time for the wedding... I'm getting a bad cold! Alright!

Geekdom of the Moment
You can see the fullsize version It's not quite as random as it may first seem, it's a parody of an image from a game called Warhammer 40,000. It's a tabletop game played with miniatures of high-tech warriors. (Someone even made a few miniatures for the Hello Kitty 40K universe.)

Poem of the Moment
        At dinner their first night
    He looked at her, her bright green eyes,
          In candlelight.
    They laughed and told the hundred stories,
        And kissed, and went to bed.
          "Shh, shh," she said,
"I want to put my legs around your head."
            Green eyes, green eyes.

        At dawn they sat with coffee
    And smoked another cigarette
          As quietly
    Companionship and eros met
        In conversation's afterplay,
          On their first day,
And late for the work she loved, she drove away.
            Green eyes, green eyes.
--Donald Hall