the old beetle

June 29, 2001
Woo, I already stocked up on blog entries for my honeymoon, but I should probably plan ahead for tomorrow and the big day itself. Not sure why I've become so determined not to miss a day with this.

Humor of the Moment
God: And here's the next species, one I'm particularly proud of...
Adam: Beetle.
God: Excellent. Now here's another...
Adam: Beetle.
God: No, you just named the last one "beetle". This one is quite different -- look at the pattern on the wing cases, and the shape of the antennae...
Adam: Beetle.
God: Well, OK, though they certainly look different to Me. Now, the next species is --
Adam: Beetle.

Link of the Moment
(Hmm, haven't been posting as many links lately...) Anyway, what kind of Flame Warrior are you? I actually haven't had the chance to read through each one yet, so I'm still playing wait and see. Pretty good art at this link, and a lot of "it's funny because it's true, or close enough".