ranjit's revenge

July 26, 2001
Quote of the Moment
hey, I just typed the best apostrophe ever! I accidentally typed ' in my unix telnet window, and it came back Unmatched ' .
--Ranjit. This one might need a little explaining...when you type an apostrophe (single quote)into a unix command, the system expects a close quote... hence that particular comeback. But the news that the ' was unmatched, well, that's high praise, coming from a unix system, not known for their enthusiasm.

Art of the Moment
Ranjit also introduced me to LeCielEstBleu (the sky is blue), the single greatest shockwave site I've seen. The pieces there are true interactive art, IMO. I especially liked "flying giraffes"... click on zoo at the bottom left, than the giraffes. It has a terrific dream-logic quality to it. (The piece to the left is "little bête")

By the way, you should check out Ranjit's site moonmilk if you haven't recently; he's updated the okraleidoscope with sound, and now it's really mesmerizing. Almost makes me wish I grew up down south so I'd know what okra really was...