not so great expectations

September 15, 2001
Quote of the Moment
I will never apologize for the United States. I don't care what the facts are.
George Bush (Sr.)
...this is the kind of attitude I'm very nervous about now. We need to hold ourselves more accountable.

Links of the Moment
I saw someone on TV from Jane's Information Group talking with the anchor and pointing out that they sort of were pointing to this ahead of time. Even though it's not clear if they offered enough specific detail to have prevented it, someone pointed out it's odd we haven't heard more about that.

Tom Burt, who claims to be a bit of a regular reader from the UK (wow, didn't know I had regular readers who wouldn't've already known me) made a reasonable Libertarian-ish argument against what I was saying about crypto and civil rights yesterday. He pointed me to this article on foreign policy that made some level of sense. (On the other hand, I think a generous foreign aid policy makes us allies that we really need...)

Here Zimran Ahmed, a Packistani, gives some details on the Middle East view of American foreign policy. For a certian perspective, we're the sponsors of state terrorism.

I find this Time magazine survey disturbing...we're so ready for war. We need to spend a LOT more time in diplomacy before we go marching off. Our European allies aren't as hawkish as we are right now.

Two pieces from UKs The Guardian, John Sawers thought that this one on how Americans can't see why others don't see them as the good guys was right on. They also had this piece on information about bin Laden's group gleaned from the US embassy bombing trial.

Finally, some people swear they saw the devil's face in the smoke at the WTC, before the collapse.