middle east to mountain king

October 17, 2001
Sick Sad World of the Moment
Awright! What better way to pick up the pieces of the national psyche than a new CBS sitcom about the romance between two former spouses of WTC victims? Also, going on with yesterday's using pigs to stop Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, a piece on Sexual fantasies of a suicide bomber that talks about the relationship between sex and young male terrorists, from August.

Supposedly, Israeli forensic pathologists find that suicide bombers often wrap their genitals in protective material, in order to save them for all those virgins they'll be gettin' in the afterlife. I love the messed up halflogic of that. It's right up there with the pigs... I guess the materialist in me will kind of accept a spirituality, but it's this mix and match of the physical and the ethereal that makes me giggle.

Geek of the Moment
Ok, you have to be a fairly hardcore oldschool videogame geek to appreciate the beauty of this thorough map of Mountain King for the Atari 2600. Actually maybe not; the map has a certain elegance of its own. Anyway, it's a real achievement. Mountain King was an impressive game for the time, as you can see it had a very large world. (And a nice rendition of the song.) Plus, there was that secret area 'above' the main mountain, that the website covers pretty well. At first I assumed it was a glitch, but it turns out most of the Mountain King games for different systems had something like this. When you're way up there at the top, ladders and platforms shimmer and shake, it's like the game is letting you see something that doesn't really exist.