more middle east mush

October 16, 2001 my Palm IIIc back the other week. That PalmV is falling apart. It's so nice to have a color screen...not for any particular color display need, but it's pure black-on-white (not dark grey on light grey) is so much easier to read. (The cat knocked the IIIc off the table onto the floor giving the screen a nasty crack or three.)

Web Comic of the Moment
guy on food 'droppin food in a minefield! that's good!' This panel's from Get Your War On by (The site name comes from "My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable", from a series of Karate cartoons also on the site. Also Filing cartoons.) The artist uses old clipart (I always thought that stuff was pretty creepy) to make some funny/true cartoons. Pretty decent political satire, actually. (via

Idea of the Moment
An Israeli friend recently informed me that the UK fought the Islamic terrorist attacks by burying the criminals with a pig. Apparently the Islamic belief is that if ones' body is buried with a pig (because they are considered unclean) their soul will go to hell.
I did a little research into this subject matter and found it to be basically true. (at least for certain fundamentalists) This got me thinking. If we put a baby pig on every airline flight then all suicide terrorists would abort their missions as they would not want their souls to go to hell.
. Hahaha, afraid of pork. That's almost as funny as that Osama Bert-Laden thing.