did someone say the tick

November 11, 2001
In the guestbook, Annette asks if I have any anti-SPAM advice. Not really. I get tons of it myself...I just set up my homebrew webmail system so I could easily do mass deletes. I've been meaning to look into some more community based methods. Hotmail seems to have some anti-spam measures in place, I don't know how effective they are though. Maybe you could forward all your mail through an account like that.

AIM Conversation of the Moment
ranjit: my dog gets an application of flea&tick killer once a month-- you squirt it on the back of his neck and it soaks through his skin into his blood.
ranjit: I always get a tiny bit on my fingers, and then I taste it for an hour.
kirk: bleck
ranjit: at least I am somewhat flea-resistant!
kirk: "thanks to a pet care incident gone horribly awry, mild mannered ranjit discovers he has developed one of the world's most trivial superpowers...mild resistance to fleas" Fortunately, with small power comes only small responsibility

Link of the Moment
With all these terrorist related troubles, it might be hard to remember that environmental concerns still linger. Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide Now!