sports nuts to you

November 10, 2001
Quote of the Moment


--Spectator's Sign on WWF Smackdown. I guess Christian is a new 'Heel' (bad guy wrestling character.) I don't watch this stuff much, but when I do it seems like entertaining violent ballet with operatic story lines. And today's stuff is more impressive than the "Rock and Wrestlin'" we had in my youth, with guys making really impressive jumps and somersaults and stuff. I swear, I'm not turning into my cousins...anyway, I've actually tried using this "reeks of reekyness" construction. It amuses me.

Culture of the Moment
Heard about this on NPR's Only a Game: this one company is making College Branded Caskets. I'm not posting this here to make fun of the idea so much as just point Some people are really devoted to their alma maters. The president of the company was talking about how people would set up rooms dedicated to their colleges in their homes, and he figured they may wish to be the same in death as they were in life. But since each of these is officially licensed, I imagine it might be hard sell to certain licensing boards.

Joke of the Moment
"If Marilyn Monroe were alive right now what would she be doing?
...clawing at the lid of her coffin."
--Fight Club (Chuck Palahniuk)--the book, which isn't much better than the movie.