monay monay turkey turkey gobble gobble kick me kick me

Happy Thanksgiving all. (The title are what we chanted at the end of this once "dance/drum break" in high school Marching Band for this one piece. There's a funny little step that goes with. Fun to do while wearing a tuba. (Well, a sousaphone.))

Fanfic of the Moment
Rumble: What's with the fuzzballs? Looks like they need to be toasted too.
Huggy Bear: Oh, such a terrible attitude, but I know what'll help. GROUP HUG!!!
<<About 50-or-so Fluffy Bears pile on top of Rumble>>
Rumble: Ack! Somebody help... mmmfh!! They're all over me! ergh!
Michael Allen Schwark, from a short scenario he wrote in 1995 in response to an Usenet post I made about the lack of crossover fanfic between "boys toys" and "girls toys".
In looking for some relevant images, I found Slim's Transformers page with some really cool "group shots", showing all the Autobots or Decepticons in a single shot, taken from the boxart I think. Man, I really loved the Transformers...