Toni Yafanaro signed my guestbook yesterday! She was my fellow tuba-bud in high school...Toni, e-mail me, I have a really amusing picture of us to scan in...meanwhile here is a different picture, this one with the band KISS joining a marching band. (via this site)

Speaking of yesterday's Attack of the Fluffy Bears, I was thinking about the old cartoon The Gummi Bears. The theme song always bothered me, there seemed to be a lyric "the fight for what's right is whatever they do" which seemed to me to be a weirdly self-fulfilling prophecy of a morality. But that link says the lyric is "they fight for what's right in whatever they do", so maybe it wasn't so bad.

Funny of the Moment
Kirk: Phew, all this computer hacking *is* making me thirsty...
John: Hmm, me too I guess. In fact I think I just had this pudding cup trying to quench thirst, but it didn't work.
Kirk:...err, John? When you start thinking of puddin' as a beverage, you might be on the verge of having serious food issues...

Link of the Moment
A little bit long, it's the Canonical List of Famous Last Words (from Role Playing Games).