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Guestbook Entry of the Moment
The question...Why is it that Orville Redenbacher's microwavable popcorn, or any other microwavable popcorn for that matter, has to be watched so closely so as not to cause a burn factor? I mean direction number 2 reads "Stay & Listen" on the bag itself. Why should we have to monitor our popcorn? Hasn't any popcorn scientist figured out a solution to this problem yet?
An alumni of EHS
Man, what is it with all these anonymous people from my past in my guestbook? Write me some frickin' e-mail, people, conversation can be rewarding! Or use AOL-IM and contact me as kirkjerk.

Anyway, I just wanted to say, I have the best damn microwave when it comes to making popcorn. It's a Sharp Carousel. It has this single "Popcorn" button that just works. I think it might use some kind of sensor...anyway, it always gets almost the whole bag popped without burning. It's great. None of that tedious "Stay & Listen" crap for me.

On the other hand, I just heard about a fire that destroyed 8 condos that was started by a bathroom fan being left on and overheating. (Aren't fans supposed to be cool not hot? Anyway.) So perhaps I shouldn't be so cavalier.

Raunchy Link of the Moment
Giving Gore/Lieberman a whole new meaning. Wow. I think red's description from Portal of Evil says it best: This site has stories about Al Gore. Not just anything about Al Gore, oh no. These are stories about Al Gore having sex with Joe Liberman. My mind is now vanquished. Thank god they have an Al Gore/Jon Bon Jovi story, too, just to reinforce the need for a bleach shower. All I'll add is "Thank Goodness for the Web!".