no freak gyration

December 5, 2001
Well, so far Smash Brothers Melee has proved to be good, maybe not the testament for all humankind I was expecting, but good.

Quiz of the Moment
A little topical quiz: Character in Harry Potter Book, or Current U.S. Navy Rear Admiral? Surprisingly challenging. (thanks Ranjit)

Link of the Moment
Wow. As far as I can tell, Pageant City is a sincere site, from Katy Johnson, Miss Vermont USA 2001, cartoonist, columnist, founder of the "Say Nay Today" and "The Sobriety Society"...she's all that and a bag of (low-fat) chips. Her site is chock full of bon mots, targeted at young aspiring beauty contestants and young ladies in general, full of advice such as "No booty dancing / or FREAK gyration... / I don't play with my reputation!", and featuring her own troop of upright cartoon gals, the Starrlettes. Recently she's addressed the current crisis of our nation, with cartoons like the one to the side here. (via Portal of Evil)

Quote of the Moment
"We have tamed lightning, and now use it to make sand think."
--Unknown. It's a pretty amazing thought, actually. Incidentally, this is the last piece of pre-wedding backlog I had stored up, though there is still plenty of stuff from July...