December 6, 2001
Went to the dentist yesterday. I was really surprised and somehow flattered that the hygienist, who had just spent like 10 or 15 minutes scraping metal in and around my teeth and gums, commented on how relaxed I was. It takes a lot of work to relax like that. I had to drum my fingers in time to the music on the radio.

Quote of the Moment
"Tell that guy the piano ain't got no 'wrong notes'."
--Thelonious Monk to Radio Engineer (regarding the DJ talking about how Monk made music by hitting the "wrong notes"), via Phil Schaap.

Random Observation of the Moment
This summer I was thinking about trying to rig up some remote controlled device that would let me squirt the cat with water from the comfort of my bed when he was noisily scratching and meowing at the bedroom door. I thought if I could get one of those battery operated waterguns, it might not be too difficult to rig up something to fire it. The thing is, they don't make that kind of watergun anymore! Almost everything is of that Super Soaker variety. Those UZI-looking battery powered guns that went click-click-click are nowhere to be found (realistic looking guns are frowned upon anyway these days.) I remember when the first supersoakers came out...there ability to deliver a solid stream of water was really impressive. Some guy brought one to jazzband and we were in awe..."that things a hose!". An arms race ensued over the next decade, and current models are quite huge. Anyway, here's an interesting piece on how they work.