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December 14, 2001
Oy. I really started to feel down in the dumps yesterday. It's a real time of anxiety. Peterman said "yeah, great time to be alive, huh?" but the thing is, it is a great time. At least in general. Despite it all: layoffs abounding, Bush is pulling us out of the ABM treaty (yeah, great terrorist defense that'll be), Israel and Palestine exploring life as hell in handbasket, wondering if Osama slunk away, that American Taliban punk (click here for his posts to Usenet from 1997 ... doodoo@hooked.net??) predicting biological attacks this weekend... (I guess they found a terrorist guide to fitting in: remember, deoderant on the body, not the clothes, get a good cover story, wear your watch on the left wrist, learn the difference between perfume and aftershave since "if you will use the female perfume so you will be in big trouble.")

Old Sorta Funny of the Moment
> Two males got mad in a traffic accident on the downtown
> interstate and got out and took turns shooting to death
> the guy who was involved in a fender bender with them.

"I'm gonna shoot him! <BLAM!> There, he's dead."
"Ok, my turn- <BLAM!> Ha- dead again!"
"Gimme my gun back. <BLAM!> There, I killed him again."
"Sucka! Gimme that! <BLAM!> He's dead."
"Yup. <BLAM!> I killed him."

I dunno Vic, this is pretty extreme, even by your standards.
--Yet another old Usenet post of mine.

Link of the Moment
Salon talks with the author of the book about Sputnik's effect on America. Man, 1957 was a bad year...this guy reels of so many details that have been generally lost in the mists of American pop culture short term memory. (Salon had a Premium-subscription interview with Kurt Vonnegut the other day that wasn't as good as I would have hoped.)