mais wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

December 15, 2001
Idea of the Moment
I've started keeping a cheap digital voice recorder by my bed so that I can record dreams before dream amnesia sets in. Recording dreams is a way of getting something more out of sleep, since otherwise it feels like such a waste of a third of my life. So far it's worked out pretty well, I'm two for two for having something to write down the next morning. The image on the right is from the first evening, I was in some kind of thrill ride at the Eiffel Tower, you went to the top, got into a capsule with windows attached to the peak via bungee, and then they hauled you down to the bottom and let go, sending you zinging around Paris...

Link of the Moment
This guy really, sincerely likes gum. Or he's pretending to. I'm not sure.

Quote of the Moment
"There are 27O million Americans. The US is filthy with one-in-a-million events."
--Uncle Al in this Usenet post.