very merry

December 25, 2001
You know, it's Christmas, and I have hardly anything to say about it, and nothing in the kisrael backlog that's very Christmas themed...

Quote of the Moment
"I'm prettier than you are! I'm prettier than you are!"
"...but you're still dumb."
Will Smith and Muhammed Ali, on the set of the new Ali film that opens today.

Link of the Moment
OK, I lied about not having any Christmas-related backlog. There's a convincing article All Hail Pottersville, about how the "evil" alternative future of James Stewart's town in It's a Wonderful Life was really pretty rocking, and maybe Bedford Falls wasn't all that great to begin with. (I didn't want to post this quite yet because I haven't seen the dang movie.)

Image of the Moment
--I thought I'd do a Google Image Search for a spinning gift gif. Some how this beauty came up. I find it disturbing on several levels at once.

Anyway, hope you all are having a good Holiday Season!