back to the grind

December 26, 2001
Is it just me or has google been a bit slow lately?

Funny of the Moment
I carried a case of Sam Adams Winter Lager out to a customer's car yesterday. She popped the trunk, saying "I wonder what's in here." There was 1 of those wheeled golf bag carriers (but no golf bag), & something else.

ME: "Why is there an anvil in your trunk?" HER: "It's my boyfriend's car." ME: "Why does your boyfriend's car have an anvil in it?" HER: "I dunno!"

I suppose you should have something with which to defend yourself, in case you get carjacked by Wile E. Coyote.
--From Bill the Splut's What's New(s) page. (He works at a booze (or "package"? Is he that New Englandy?) store.)

Link of the Moment
I already mentioned SmarterChild, a utility chatbot that's available via AOL-IM. I've been using it more and more... just add SmarterChild to your buddy list, then use a command like news for the latest headline, forecast for a weather forecast, movies for local movies (for the last two, it remembers where you live once you tell it), spell someword for a spell check (or define someword for a definition, or syn someword for a thesaurus lookup), and it has other features too, foreign language translation, some games, bible, etc. It's pretty impressive, and a very fast interface.

Brunching Shuttlecocks had a funny time proving despite all of SmarterChild's utility, it makes a pretty mediocre therapist.

Actually, I'm surprised SmarterChild never seems to be warned. With all the idiots out there, you would think the warning would go way up. I'm too chicken that I'll be cut off to experiment with it.