booze and advice

December 27, 2001
So the other week we had dinner with Lee and MZ at Magnolia's Southern Cuisine. Hot stuff from Mew Orleans, and one of the things on the beer menu was Shandy Carib. This thing tasted wonderful, like ginger ale, very sweet and a bit tangy. My buddy Greg Owen (aka Gowen) tells me that a Shandy is, by definition, beer with a mixer, usually ginger ale or sometimes lemonade. (And that website confirmed it was only 1.2% alc/vol, a "cool, hip, lively, one-of-a kind, contemporary young, sociable, fun loving, 'so-you-stay-in control drink.'") He gave me a link about Shandies in General and how they're really great when it's hot out. I remember some guy saying how ginger ale was his (surprising) beverage of choice for spicy Thai or Indian food, and this kind of goes along with that.

Quote of the Moment
"A uhhh [hits desktop]... a blow, to the head, you have had such a blow?"
"Who hasn' was the pills, speed. I'll lay off the speed"
"Yah, do so, Mr. Sutcliffe...and also, do this: slow down. Take your time. Life is..long. You must not be in too much of a hurry."
--German Doctor and Stuart Sutcliffe, Backbeat (the story of the early Beatles in Hamburg). I always thought this was a good outlook to have. (Another useful quote construction from the same movie:
"You know what it is I like about Liverpool, Mr. Sutcliffe?"
"No, what is it you like about Liverpool, Mr. Lennon?"
"I was hoping you'd tell me.")