more nudes in the news

Stayed up 'til one rewriting a prototype from scratch. Rewarding but draining: it was actually easier to build it from the ground up than to wrestle with proprietary J2EE crap.

News of the Moment
Naked Homerobbers in Bangladesh. John says he heard about this on CNN in Jersey. The idea is they just walk naked into houses, and the shy residents are so flustered they leave. I guess this eyewitness report says it all: "The womenfolk were so embarrassed by the nudity of the well-built men that they ran away from their homes, giving a free hand to the robbers to decamp with their valuables."

Quote of a Past Moment
I just want a lover who'll make me chicken soup when I'm sick.
Lena Mindlina, Nov 1 1995.
Found that in an old Usenet .sig on Google.

I think she's found what she was looking for since then.