jumbo rides again. alas.

January 9, 2002
Shockwave Game of the Moment
That elephant to the left is Jumbo. Not only is he the mascot of my alma mater, he's also the star of just about the most poorly conceived Flash game I've ever seen: Starship Jumbo. The animation is well nigh non-existent, and the "Please note: Holding the CTRL/COMMAND key down for continuous fire will cause the game to malfunction." doesn't bode well either. (Incidentally, PT Barnum was a trustee of Tufts, which is why his famous elephant is the mascot. He promised his remains to both Tufts and the American Museum of Natural History...they got the skeleton, we got the skin, but it was turned into ashes during a fire in the 1970s. More of the story here.)

Essay of the Moment
Essay on geek slacking and buzzword compliance as a weapon: Fire and Motion. Mentions an idea I've felt myself, but rarely hear admitted to: for many tech workers, a day that's really productive may only consist of a few hours of dedicated work. There's a huge slack factor, and I can really identify with the sense of productivity inertia he talks about. Like Monday night, when I worked from 6pm 'til 1am, really without much of a break. And like others day, where it' a struggle to get anything done.

Quote of the Moment
But even Einstein took five years to tie his shoelaces.