January 11, 2002
Color of the Moment
                      To the left is the color of the universe. When you take the average of the shades of all these bajillions of color readings of the universe, what's you get is the Howard Johnson's reject that you see here.
Some astronomers counter that it (the universe) is pretty much just the black and white you see when you step outside at night, and that our view of color only makes sense in terms of the human eye anyway. BTW, this color is #A2E8CE for all you web programmers out there.

I'd really like to get away from Boston's nightly purple glow and see the Milky Way sometime soon.

Funny of the Moment
Andrew Plotkin wrote:
> Liz Broadwell wrote:
> > phil hunt wrote:
> > > Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> > > > Being the wrong sex, I've never understood girl's
> > > > infatuation with horses.
> > > Perhaps they like the idea of something powerful
> > > making rhythmic movements between their legs?
> > I was always attracted by the fantasy of riding a suitably
> > large horse right over the boys at school who insisted on
> > making remarks like that.
> Yes, exactly. It's a vibrator, a giant plush toy, *and* a
> weapon of war, all at once.
Which is to say, a penis substitute.