kung foobar

January 12, 2002
So I added a hit counter of sorts to the bottom of the page...it gives the number of frontpage and overall hits for kisrael.com, as well as the number of unique IP addresses (which prevents me from getting too excited when I reload my frontpage over and over.) I think those are more interesting numbers about the interest level for the site than a typical "this page hit #### times" would provide.

Image and Link of the Moment
Heh, remember this miniclip on the right, that used to be part of The Daily Show? I found this animated GIF on David A. Webb's Home Page Ground Zero, which should meet your US RDA of Rockin' Guitar Licks and Skeleton, Fire, and Blood Themed Animations. I did a bit of websearching to find out more about it. It's from "The Story of Ricky", a semi-legendary chop socky flick, and you can see a page with some stills and an mpeg clip at badmovies.org.