the past was prologue

Link of a Past Moment
Continuing through the backlog, on August 12 I grabbed this link to a piece, "Life from the terrorist point-of-view." Both sides in that area, they really know how to run a country! As time goes on, they seem to deserve each other more and more.

Video Games of a Past Moment
Last week, images from the Atari Art Collection on were getting some publicity on slashdot and the like. They were pictures of Atari's image for the future of arcades. Many were on target, though there were a disproportionately high number of women. (like this curvaceous lady to the left) What I found more interesting than the image collection was the Atari Document Library. A lot of behind-the-scenes information about Battle Zone and the beloved Star Wars the Arcade Game. I thought the coolest part was summary of a February 1980 Brainstorm Session (two parts). It's interesting to think of what might've been: (especially in terms of early 80s technology.) "13) 1st Person Cockroach - like wack-a-mole, but using feet", "25) Green Peace - player manuevers between hunters and whales" and "27) Water surface skipping bomb - attempt to 'skip' bomb into hole across link" are some of the more "out there" ones. Others made it into full videogamehood: I think "5)1st person Space Invaders" eventually became Tempest, for instance.