the silence of the rams


Alright! My 14-point-underdog hometown team kicked some superbutt. GO PATS! It's really cool; even as they were coming on to the field, the starters weren't individually announced; it was just The Team. That's style. They dominated the first half, held a "line in the sand" against a powerful Rams offence that tied it up, and got a terrific final drive in to end with a winning field goal in the final 7 seconds. It was one of the best games ever to watch with some friends and chips and beer. And salty pork...mmmm. Actually, we set up two TVs, one for some video gamin', the other for the game, but it was more football than otherwise. (Incidentally, today's title shamelessly ripped off of Fox News.)

I like the "new" Pats logo, up there to the left, though I understand why some have called it the Flying Elvis. The classic logo below was a pretty mean lookin' fellah.
I had a sweater (gift from my longtime Pats fan grandfather Papa Sam) with that guy on it: in fact, I think that's what I'm wearing in that picture with my folks getting adopted into the Seneca Nation.

Quote of the Moment
"If I knew the meaning of life, would I be sitting in a cave in my underpants?"