Inspirational Thought of the Moment
USA! USA! The Fox pre-game show, with rap stars, former presidents, the patriotic and commercial mixed--the flashing FREEDOM! sign next to the BUD LIGHT sign--was quintessentially American. That is, poignant and ridiculously excessive at the same time. TMQ thought two things:

1) The enemies of freedom hate this sort of display because they cannot understand the notion of letting people decide for themselves which part of a dream to believe.
2) Because the enemies of freedom cannot understand it, they can never defeat it.
I'm not sure if I buy the "one cannot defeat what one doesn't understand"--after all, we hope to defeat the terrorists without fully understanding them--but I think it's a good thought anyway.

Image of the Moment
At one point during the 1980s, American Pop Culture almost achieved critical mass in California. The resulting explosion would have destroyed the "right coast", leaving only a smoldering ruin of mediagenic debris. A picture of that event can is displayed below:
A larger copy of this image is available at The fullsize image should serve as a warning to the present and future generations.