gently down the stream

Pictures of the Moment
Making the rounds is this amusing riverside sequence of images of a boat that finds a new way to get past a bridge. (That link is a mirror (thanks david), the original is supposedly here but it never works.)

Funny of the Moment
The story went that the whole effing family went over to Greece and there were several effing days of feasting and effing celebration. On the last day, the narrator's effing sixteen year old sister went effing missing, so they looked all effing over for her. The effing party was still going on in an effing big hall, and when every-effing-body was there, they noticed effing movement behind the effing curtains. The effing curtains were drawn back to see his effing sister with her effing knickers round her ankles and the efffing priest cousin and they were, and I quote, "You know,... doing it!"