oogachaka ooga ooga oogachaka

Flash of the Moment
This has to be one of the cleverest Flash-based Intro Pages I've ever seen. Some interesting little flash things if you follow the pages it links to as well. (via Bill the Splut)

Quote of the Moment
"What's worth succeeding in is worth failing in."
Robert Frost

Net Meme of a Previous Moment
If you weren't online in 1996, you may not have been around for the Dancing Baby video, one of the earlier really big net memes. (This was the same baby that later made it even bigger on "Ally McBeal") This page claims to be the originator of it, though they insist on slapping their ugly "Burning Pixel" signature all over their videos. This other page features the canonical "oogachaka" version, though I had a little trouble viewing the file in QuickTime, I had to drag it to IE in order to see it.