o canada eh

Quote and Link of the Moment
I'm not a security threat: I'm Canadian
Canadian Skater to Olympics Security Worker
The worker is writing this Really Interesting Weblog on his experiences. (via Ranjit)

Nostalgia of the Moment
I never watched enough Robotech when I was a kid, (mostly I could never figure out when it was going to be on) but I always liked the look of their giant fighting machines. This reference page for the roleplaying game has a lot of cool images of the "mecha" . One of my perennially favorite office toys is a model of the Invid Trooper, I like its big claws. Oh, not too long ago Lego released a very cool Mech-like set for its "Life on Mars" theme. I think it's still available in stores, though I don't know for how long. I think it's the coolest Lego prebuilt I've ever seen, very well articulated and good looking.