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I added a link to that WTC photo with Mo to the "features" section. It shows up on the second page of a Google images search for "WTC", and it's about the first pre-destruction non-distance shots in the result set. It's also one of the biggest links to my front page, so I thought people could use a bit of follow-up information.

Mystery of the Moment
So last night Brooke came over and asked the age old question, "What the hell is Grimace?" Well the Straight Dope answer was a good start. But according to the faq, he was originally the Evil Grimace, and he was associated with the McDonalds Shakes (heh, sounds like a withdrawal symptom.) But now he's so happy and dumb. I thought maybe he was busted by Mayor McCheese and that cop Big Mac, incarcerated and lobotomized, but Mo suggested maybe it was the result of brain freeze from drinking those shakes. (I had another theory that the name "Grimace" might be a subtle joke about the face people make when trying to drink a too thick shake through a straw.)

MonkeyCube points out that McDonald's is downplaying the overweight Grimace from its current campaigns. And I'm trying to figure out when they rewrote Hamburglar as this little evil guy into this cabbage patch lookin' jerk who says "rubble rubble" clearly and cutely rather than kind of grumbling

I was hoping to find something clever on the possible connection between Grimace and Barney, but this old Space Moose Cartoon was all I could find.

Jeez, I hope I find a job soon.

Link to Avoid of the Moment
It's all the Internet themed cartoons from the little known South Asian country Unfunnystan! Truly awful, but you gotta give 'em points for tryi...well, maybe you don't. (via Portal of Evil)