gimme some skin, bro!

March 22, 2002
Been looking at my guestbook...Osmium, as far as I know quote 677 is original to me, and it and its inspiration quote 676 were illustrated in this entry from early 2001. (I had made up the graphics long before that actually, and had been thinking about using them as a splash page for

Who is Bozo 13? Thanks for the vote of confidence, and yeah, I do look a lot like my mom.

Quote of the Moment
History may not repeat itself, but it rhymes.
Mark Twain

News of the Moment
"Whole Body Gestalt
Plastinate with Skin"
This art exhibit has been getting a lot of attention lately, probably because the British government is considering stopping it from showing there. A scientist artist has developed a method of perfectly preserving corpses, plastination, which actually has a number of scientific uses as well. The exhibit is mostly skinless people, some further cut open to reveal internal organs (including a chess player with his brain exposed.) The channel4 coverage had the most representative online gallery I've found. I think it is brilliant, both as an educational tool (showing us anatomy in a way textbook illustrations only hint at) and as an artistic piece (inviting people to ponder their own mortality and "meatness").