mouse man kitten

March 23, 2002
Aww man, my mouse is on the fritz. One of those wireless ones, so things weren't so bad even when left-handed Mo moved it to the other Windows trick I learned a long time ago is to turn on "MouseKeys" in Accessibility Option Control Panel that turns the keypad into a lame mouse touchpad. You have to fiddle with the settings to get it at all usable (the defaults are too slow) but it's good to know about in a pinch.

Cartoons of the Moment
Tales of Mere Existence are great little quicktime movies. The narrator talks over the drawing of a (non-animated) cartoon that also describes the scene. I could really identify with "Man" and "Procrastination". I think they're shot from behind some kind of semi-transparent paper, and then possibly mirror-imaged, but I'm not sure.

Exchange of the Moment
> Those [feral kittens] were bouncing off the walls and
> around the room without touching the floor, and when I
> eventually managed to catch one it gave me 4" scratches.
> I'd guess they were less than 4 months old.

Yup. Kittens: self-propelled barbed wire in a dewy-eyed mohair sweater.
--Charlie Stross on rec.arts.sf.fandom via